XAZTLAN- our new brand name originates from the legendary land “AZTLAN,” in which
Native Americans verbally passed it on from generation to generation. We poured our heart and
soul into creating an entirely new type of sunglasses: XAZTLAN features high performance
combined with high function.

Featuring “ACTION SPECS” technology for heavy use and excellent functionality, we would
like to take you to an entirely new world with our XAZTLAN sunglasses!

I, Masataka Nakajima, the creator of XAZTLAN, have watched sport sunglass trends since the
1990’s. I always had this dream about launching my own sunglasses brand one day. Since it
seemed like an unobtainable dream of mine, I have always kept it in my heart. Back in 2018, I was
in the U.S. for a different project…I had gone back and forth spending about four years doing
walk-in sales in North America to sell my brand “GROOVER,” which I designed and launched.
The conservative American eyewear market did not welcome walk-in sales easily. I cannot recall
how many times I tried different routes to do my walk-ins, starting from Vancouver to California,
sometimes from Toronto to New York. In California, I met some famous people who are known
for a worldwide sunglasses brand, and we exchanged information, and it was a meaningful short
respite, since I was struggling with sales in North America.

During that time, I asked them if they would help me with my new idea. They said it would be
cool if they could help. That was when I seriously thought that I wanted to work with people who
supported me with my sales in the U.S. and I flew back to America after three months with a work
proposal and design in hand. I formed a partnership with them, and finally XAZTLAN was born!

XAZTLAN is not a mere sport sunglasses brand for athletes only, but one for veteran athletes, and
junior generations too. Please let us, with XAZTLAN, achieve your goals!
It would be our pleasure to support you and your sports community.

One of our goals in the future is to create a professional sports team and nurture the community
with it.

Kanagawa prefecture, where XAZTLAN is located, always supported us, so we would like to
return the favor to the community. We strongly believe that the future will be bright with

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