GHOST- Features great side visibility with wind protection.

When you want to enjoy a motorcycle ride, the beach, and marine sports, without the strong sun and winds beating at your face, then GHOST has you covered.

This model features “Face wrap” style with bigger lenses and thicker temples. This is just the pair for you if you wear a jet helmet when you ride a motorcycle. Also, these have great effect on preventing pollen from causing you troubles in spring and could be worn as safety goggles too.

Additional information


Frame Width:154mm
Frame Side:171mm
Bridge Width:16mm
Temple Length:130mm
Lens Width:57.8mm
Lens Hiight:38.5mm


Lens:UV Protection Lens Prescription Eyeglasses & Sunglasses


MATTE DESERT/Grey, MATTE DESERT/Turquoise G Arrow, MATTE DESERT/Red Earth G Arrow, ALUMINIUM/Forest G Arrow, ALUMINIUM/Turquoise G Arrow, ALUMINIUM/Polarized Light Black Arrow, MATTE BLACK/Grey, MATTE BLACK/Forest G Arrow, MATTE BLACK/Red Earth G Arrow, MATTE BLACK/Polarized Light Black Arrow, TANZANITE/Black G Arrow, TANZANITE/Turquoise G Arrow, TANZANITE/Polarized Light Black Arrow, GOLD/Black G Arrow, GOLD/Red Earth G Arrow



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