MANTRA Large- Great for people who enjoy road bikes. Offers great visibility for upper direction.

Have you experienced the upper part of sunglass frames getting in the way when you leaned forward on your road bike? There are similar experiences in other sports such as fly balls in baseball, a serve toss in tennis, and so on.

MANTRA has the solution for this. This is a super sports model that enables you to clearly see both up and from the sides. Among other XAZTLAN models, MANTRA is loved for its professional use and high-end quality. This model was developed for road bikers in mind, but professional cyclists and baseball players love them too!

Additional information


Frame Width:163mm
Frame Side:165.5mm
Temple Length:111mm
Lens Width:130mm
Lens Hiight:55.5mm


Lens:UV Protection Lens Prescription Eyeglasses & Sunglasses


GLOSSY BLACK/Black G Arrow, GLOSSY BLACK/Forest G Arrow, GLOSSY BLACK/Red Earth GI Arrow, GLOSSY BLACK/G Photochromic, GLOSSY WHITE/Black G Arrow, GLOSSY WHITE/Turquoise G Arrow, GLOSSY WHITE/Red Earth GI Arrow, GLOSSY WHITE/G Photochromic, MATTE DESERT/Turquoise G Arrow, MATTE DESERT/Black GI Arrow, MATTE DESERT/Red Earth GI Arrow, ALUMINIUM/Forest G Arrow, ALUMINIUM/Turquoise G Arrow, ALUMINIUM/Black GI Arrow, ALUMINIUM/Red Earth GI Arrow



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